Completion of our Antique Walnut Washstand

A couple weeks ago, I started on the restoration of the antique washstand pictured to the right. It was made from walnut and had one heck of a walnut slab for the top. It also had amazing doors and with the oval frames, it really gave it a very interesting look. […]

Completion of an Old Side Table!

I guess when your creeping up on 60, (2 days for me) your supposed to have a wrinkle or two. I like to call them battle scars from all those entertaining days in the FD. As for this old side table, I guess the most important thing is to show […]

Final Look at Our 3 Drawer Chest Project

Just in time for the holidays, this little chest is nearing completion. It has been quite awhile since I posted an update on this chest project, as we were waiting for the new drawer appliqués to arrive. But once they got here, I got them reinstalled onto the drawers, completed […]

Church Pew Painting 101 Follow Up

The old church pew has a new home. It was completed with a couple coats of General Finishes High Performance Flat Top Coat and it was a fantastic addition to this entry way.

Completion of the Gate Leg Table

Just in time for Thanksgiving, I completed the finishes on the legs, and reattached the walnut top.  This antique table was a great little project and really has a more period look to it now then when it first arrived. The walnut top is simply amazing and was hidden under all […]

Wrap up of the Stadium Bench Restoration

Basking in the sun, the stadium bench has begun the drying process. By next week, the exterior clear coat will be applied and then it will head back to its home porch. This bench started out as a weather worn oak bench. With this update, the bench has some good […]