IMG_3020I guess the best I can say about this kitchen update as it has dramatically changed the look and feel of this home. It is airy, bright and has really opened up the living space. I would like to say that some of these great changes were my idea, but I cannot take credit. The homeowner was the “Idea Girl” behind this one. All I did was the dirty work so to speak!  In any case, there was a few challenges to overcome. For starters, the builder and the carpenter who put this kitchen in need to go back to 8th grade wood shop. The island needed major repairs, and the correct island leg. Further, many of the cabinet face frames did not line up correctly. This required extra attention before painting. The crown moulding was replaced to better match the shaker doors, and a new 39 ” cabinet was added to replace the one that the builder forgot to put in. The entire kitchen was painted in General Finishes Snow White and then it was sprayed with General Finishes Satin Enduro Poly Top Coat.

This was a big project for the homeowner and myself, but I really felt good about the end result. Walking out the door for the last time, I was once again reminded by one of Mark Twains famous quotes; “Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”

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