2620345I guess when your creeping up on 60, (2 days for me) your supposed to have a wrinkle or two. I like to call them battle scars from all those entertaining days in the FD. As for this old side table, I guess the most important thing is to show your age with grace. I’ll keep the gray hair and this table can keep its aged look with just a bit of a minor face lift.  So how did we get from where we started,to where we ended up?

Our patient upon arrival!

Once the table was ready for stain, I used a urethane gel stain from General Finishes. To give this old cherry a little character, I used Java gel stain and cut it down with a little mineral spirits. The stain was wiped on with a foam brush and work in with a wiping rag and a chip brush. Once the stain was thoroughly dry, I applied the satin top coats.  The most I can say about finishing, especially in cold weather, is be patient and take your time. I always wait at least three days to make sure the stain is really dry before starting on the top coats. Once I start on the top coats, I have to wait several hours before I can beginning the sanding process between each coat.  Considering the condition of our patient, I am happy to say the operation was successful. As for me, I guess it is best to say I will play one heck of a second half!

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