Making New Wood Look Old!

Ok, I know quite a few people are not going to agree when I say this, but I am not a fan of barn wood used inside a home. I say that with one caveat. Unless I can be assured the wood was properly cleaned and treated for contamination. My family raised tobacco and hogs […]

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Church Pew Painting 101 Follow Up

The old church pew has a new home. It was completed with a couple coats of General Finishes High Performance Flat Top Coat and it was a fantastic addition to this entry way.

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Final Finishing of the Early American Bench

Before the 1870s, ready-made paint was unknown. Each batch had to be compounded by hand from three basic components. Dry pigment, a liquid medium to carry it, and a binder to hold the mixture together. Milk paint’s popularity was due in part to its inexpensive ingredient list of natural earth pigments, slaked lime, and a […]

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