Repairs For An Antique Bench

Today, I have been working on repairing the legs and stretcher on this beautiful old antique bench.  As like many old furniture that I see, previous repairs had been attempted on this bench. In this case, a polyurethane glue had been liberally used. When the joint broke for a second time, it shattered the wood, […]

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Wrap up of the Stadium Bench Restoration

Basking in the sun, the stadium bench has begun the drying process. By next week, the exterior clear coat will be applied and then it will head back to its home porch. This bench started out as a weather worn oak bench. With this update, the bench has some good years still left in it, […]

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Final Finishing of the Early American Bench

Before the 1870s, ready-made paint was unknown. Each batch had to be compounded by hand from three basic components. Dry pigment, a liquid medium to carry it, and a binder to hold the mixture together. Milk paint’s popularity was due in part to its inexpensive ingredient list of natural earth pigments, slaked lime, and a […]

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