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Final Look at our Kitchen Update Project

I guess the best I can say about this kitchen update as it has dramatically changed the look and feel of this home. It is airy, bright and has really opened up the living space. I would like to say that some of these great changes were my idea, but I cannot take credit. The […]

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Final Wrap Up Of The 19Th Century Chest Project

I made it! With the final coats of lacquer applied, buffed and waxed out and with all of the new period hardware installed, this chest has returned to it’s grand days.  To see this project in it’s entirety, you can refer to the post titled Restoring a 19th Century Chest.  However, with this final post, […]

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Mini Shaker Hall Bench

I just wrapped up this hall bench which has been done in a shaker style to fit in a small area by the back entry door. Not everyone has room for a big bench and multiple cubbies, so to make this work in this space, it is all about proper proportion. I reduced the size […]

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Repairs For An Antique Bench

Today, I have been working on repairing the legs and stretcher on this beautiful old antique bench.  As like many old furniture that I see, previous repairs had been attempted on this bench. In this case, a polyurethane glue had been liberally used. When the joint broke for a second time, it shattered the wood, […]

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A Restored Twin Bed!

I was recently on one of the barn websites that everyone loves and saw that they had nicely done twin beds in the price range of $500 to $1500 dollars. These beds are advertised as being made from the “selected hardwood tree”. Now being familiar with wood, I am not sure what the selected hardwood […]

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Repairing A Water Damaged Antique Heart Pine Chest

This winter, we had our fair share of ice in Middle Tennessee. When the ice dams formed on a number of roofs, the water found a way inside many homes, and besides structural damage, some personal belongings were damaged as well. This antique long leaf heart pine chest was one of those pieces. Originally out of […]

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The Mudroom Does Not Have To Look Like A Mudroom!

I just finished working on a small built in with a bench and upper cubbies. Most of these spaces tend to be more utilitarian versus having some design character, so this is a good opportunity to highlight some simple design changes that help put a bit of a twist on the proverbial mudroom. First off, “All […]

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Mahogany Drop Leaf Table Makeover!


Well I finally made it, or should I say this table finally made it home. Cold weather is usually not the greatest for working on big pieces so over the last month or so, I have been able to slowly begin the transformation process for this table. So step into the laboratory and check the […]

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Making New Wood Look Old!

Ok, I know quite a few people are not going to agree when I say this, but I am not a fan of barn wood used inside a home. I say that with one caveat. Unless I can be assured the wood was properly cleaned and treated for contamination. My family raised tobacco and hogs […]

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What’s wrong with my Caulk?

The way I see it…

Now that I have your attention! I wanted to share a few thoughts on caulking around cabinets, trims and moldings. It has been almost nine years since I moved to Middle Tennessee, and I can still hear the most famous lines from my builder’s representative about the amazingly poor job they […]

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Grandma’s Brown Furniture

The way I see it…

Who would ever have thought that current furniture trends would be driven by packaging? Big box furniture manufacturers have gotten quite adept of making furniture that can be packed flat in a box and assembled by a screwdriver. Slick marketing campaigns has convinced a whole lot of people that furniture with […]

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Completion of our Antique Walnut Washstand

A couple weeks ago, I started on the restoration of the antique washstand pictured to the right. It was made from walnut and had one heck of a walnut slab for the top. It also had amazing doors and with the oval frames, it really gave it a very interesting look. Through the years, both the […]

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Completion of an Old Side Table!

I guess when your creeping up on 60, (2 days for me) your supposed to have a wrinkle or two. I like to call them battle scars from all those entertaining days in the FD. As for this old side table, I guess the most important thing is to show your age with grace. I’ll […]

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Final Look at Our 3 Drawer Chest Project

Just in time for the holidays, this little chest is nearing completion. It has been quite awhile since I posted an update on this chest project, as we were waiting for the new drawer appliqués to arrive. But once they got here, I got them reinstalled onto the drawers, completed the finishing and reinstalled the […]

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Church Pew Painting 101 Follow Up

The old church pew has a new home. It was completed with a couple coats of General Finishes High Performance Flat Top Coat and it was a fantastic addition to this entry way.

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Completion of the Gate Leg Table

Just in time for Thanksgiving, I completed the finishes on the legs, and reattached the walnut top.  This antique table was a great little project and really has a more period look to it now then when it first arrived. The walnut top is simply amazing and was hidden under all that old heavy stain. So […]

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