Happy New Year!

18118890_619531958248590_3410080178226108242_nIt has been quite awhile since I have written any updates on the website, mainly for two reasons. One is I am website challenged and can never remember how to get signed on and figure out where the article goes  And pictures, that’s a whole Saturday in itself. The second reason is I have gotten pretty darn busy. Between travels to see my daughters and grandchildren, and getting work done around here, has not left much time to park in front of the computer. 

So with the new year, I thought I would post some pictures of some of the more entertaining projects over the last year.  I always have the current projects I am working on posted on Facebook, so be sure to check there. Also, like our page and be sure to share it. It is always fun for us around the Senior Day Care Center knowing we are reaching to people in far off places.

IMG_5107Earlier in the year, I built a new fire place mantel and a couple of built in cabinets for a house in Fairview. It was a brand new home purchased by a young couple and they were very happy to get this addition done to their home.

Banquettes are a big deal right now. They provide more space in the dining area as the table can be pushed up closer to the wall.  They are also just a great place for kids as they provide ample seating space for their friends and all of their activities. 


Another very cool project was building a white oak farm table and bench. White oak is not cheap, nor is it light, so besides turning out quite nice, it also turned my back a few times moving it around. I’m going to need to find a young strong person who wants to learn some woodworking so they can do the heavy lifting.

Towards the end of the year, I did restoration work on a complete dining room set. All of the pieces had been purchased IMG_6212in 1943 and had stayed with the same family, passing from one family member to the next. It was quite a project but what a nice feeling knowing these old pieces of furniture would be serving a new generation. 

IMG_0334One other very cool project was the restoration of a Virginia Craftsman replica of an original Francis Trumble Windsor Chair. Francis Trumble was an 18th century chair maker in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The chairs he built were used in Independence Hall,  by the second Continental Congress. Most of the chairs he built were burned for firewood when the British invaded Philadelphia, but one remains at the museum in Independ24991241_707649519436833_4896474736375387301_nence Hall. But around 1960, this chair was used as the pattern to build 50 just like it, one for each state. I ended up with this one because someone decided to sell it on craigslist. One of those being at the right place at the right time moments.

So, with that said, have a great 2018 and keep on making sawdust!