2017 Highlights

Happy New Year!

It has been quite awhile since I have written any updates on the website, mainly for two reasons. One is I am website challenged and can never remember how to get signed on and figure out where the article goes  And pictures, that’s a whole Saturday in itself. The second reason is I have gotten pretty darn busy. Between travels to see my daughters and grandchildren, and getting work done around here, has not left much time to park in front of the computer. 

So with the new year, I thought I would post some pictures of some of the more entertaining projects over the last year.  I always have the current projects I am working on posted on Facebook, so be sure to check there. Also, like our page and be sure to share it. It is always fun for us around the Senior Day Care Center knowing we are reaching to people in far off places.

Earlier in the year, I built a new fire place mantel and a couple of built in cabinets for a house in Fairview. It was a brand new home purchased by a young couple and they were very happy to get this addition done to their home.


Final Look at our Kitchen Update Project

I guess the best I can say about this kitchen update as it has dramatically changed the look and feel of this home. It is airy, bright and has really opened up the living space. I would like to say that some of these great changes were my idea, but […]

Final Wrap Up Of The 19Th Century Chest Project

I made it! With the final coats of lacquer applied, buffed and waxed out and with all of the new period hardware installed, this chest has returned to it’s grand days.  To see this project in it’s entirety, you can refer to the post titled Restoring a 19th Century Chest. […]

Mini Shaker Hall Bench

I just wrapped up this hall bench which has been done in a shaker style to fit in a small area by the back entry door. Not everyone has room for a big bench and multiple cubbies, so to make this work in this space, it is all about proper […]

Repairs For An Antique Bench

Today, I have been working on repairing the legs and stretcher on this beautiful old antique bench.  As like many old furniture that I see, previous repairs had been attempted on this bench. In this case, a polyurethane glue had been liberally used. When the joint broke for a second […]

A Restored Twin Bed!

I was recently on one of the barn websites that everyone loves and saw that they had nicely done twin beds in the price range of $500 to $1500 dollars. These beds are advertised as being made from the “selected hardwood tree”. Now being familiar with wood, I am not […]