Repairing A Kitchen Island

Today, I have been out repairing a kitchen island. Unfortunately for the homeowner, this was a repair that should have never been needed as it was a direct result of very shoddy workmanship and taking a short cut to save a few bucks. It is simply a sad day when builders […]

Final Wrap Up Of The 19Th Century Chest Project

I made it! With the final coats of lacquer applied, buffed and waxed out and with all of the new period hardware installed, this chest has returned to it’s grand days.  To see this project in it’s entirety, you can refer to the post titled Restoring a 19th Century Chest. […]

Mini Shaker Hall Bench

I just wrapped up this hall bench which has been done in a shaker style to fit in a small area by the back entry door. Not everyone has room for a big bench and multiple cubbies, so to make this work in this space, it is all about proper […]

Repairs For An Antique Bench

Today, I have been working on repairing the legs and stretcher on this beautiful old antique bench.  As like many old furniture that I see, previous repairs had been attempted on this bench. In this case, a polyurethane glue had been liberally used. When the joint broke for a second […]

A Restored Twin Bed!

I was recently on one of the barn websites that everyone loves and saw that they had nicely done twin beds in the price range of $500 to $1500 dollars. These beds are advertised as being made from the “selected hardwood tree”. Now being familiar with wood, I am not […]

Repairing A Water Damaged Antique Heart Pine Chest

This winter, we had our fair share of ice in Middle Tennessee. When the ice dams formed on a number of roofs, the water found a way inside many homes, and besides structural damage, some personal belongings were damaged as well. This antique long leaf heart pine chest was one of […]